The IRS Released a Report about How Good It Is At Catching Crypto Criminals

picture to accompany article about criminal cryptocurrency tax reportThe Internal Revenue Service is celebrating 100 years of law enforcement with a criminal investigation report focusing on the fight against technology-aided tax evasion and money-laundering. As you might imagine, cryptocurrency and the J5 take center stage.

J5: Global Tax Enforcement

The report expounds on the international tax evasion task force — born out of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, Tax Enforcement working group — aka, the J5, formed in 2018.

The report says: “Today’s cyber criminals think we cannot catch them, but as evidenced by some of the great casework in this report, I would say they are wrong. They now deal in crypto-currency, again thinking this will make them anonymous, but our agents have once again proved that there is nowhere to hide. We will not stop in our pursuit.”

The IRS is Laser-Focused on Crypto Criminality

The IRS devoted a chunk of the crypto section to authorities’ work in shutting down a large, Bitcoin-funded darknet child pornography website.

A Bitcoin ATM money-laundering drug bust also occupied column inches.

The report also touched on the IRS’s improved ability to find fraudsters and track pseudonymous coins, like Bitcoin, which aren’t completely anonymous.

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